Purposeful Workplace

Our mission is to increase access, dignity, and income for low income communities through technology.

Why we are here?

We built Mapan because we want low income communities

to have access to products and services that would improve their lives.

The challenge of access for these communities is not always due to distance, but also due to their low purchasing power

and lack of information access. The goods available in these communities are usually lower quality but at a higher price than the department stores. To make matters worse, they buy almost everything on credit provided by predatory lenders due to the lacking information referring to other alternatives.

How we do it?

We are uniting the power of millions of low income families to provide them with better access to goods and services.

We do this by recruiting local entrepreneurs and local leaders to facilitate ordering, payment, and delivery for their neighbours using our technology. We split profits with the entrepreneurs, so the local economy could continue to thrive.

Our Impact




Ketua Arisan




We believe that; every person deserves the right to have an access to services; that can help their lives become more economically self-sufficient;

We believe that; a community that is united and works together; is the foundation to create the strongest of economy;

We believe that; technology and innovation will accelerate changes;

We believe that; a group of people with the same vision and integrity; who are brave and serve wholeheartedly; will make us all grow together and be better;

Our spirit is the key.

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