Taking steps together towards mapan

Our Core Principles



Our members are why we exist.
We always put ourselves in their shoes in order to serve them the best.



We believe in the fundamentals.
No action is executed without proper understanding on why we do what we do.



We believe in Karma.
We measure our impact not by how much we have received, but by how much we have given.

How is it like to work in Mapan?

  • Collaborative culture
    Collaborative culture

    People in Mapan are very open, everyone can ask anything to anybody. We are eager to grow in person and we’re doing it together.

  • Hunger for innovation
    Hunger for innovation

    We keep changing our ways of doing things in order to accelerate our growth and to achieve our goals.

  • Purposeful workplace
    Purposeful workplace

    We’re doing something that’s never been done. We serve those who are often ignored, those who are most in need of our skills. Together we build technology that empowers community.

Pasukan Mapan

The determined fighters you will meet at Mapan

  • Nur Fajriah Rachmah
    Nur Fajriah Rachmah Product Management Mapan since 2015

    For me, working with Mapan is a balance between personal development & social contribution. The challenges I faced in helping people to have a better life have shaped me to become a better person.


  • Ardianta G. Pamungkas
    Ardianta G. Pamungkas Network Growth Planning   Mapan since 2016

    By working at Mapan, I can take part to solve the very fundamental problem experienced by the underserved that can lead to the better Indonesia.

  • Ananda Prasetya
    Ananda Prasetya     Data & BI Engineering     Mapan since 2016

    I joined Mapan in 2016 and never regretted my decision. The impact to middle to low-income community made me feel that this was the right place to work at. I know that this is an opportunity for me to give back to my own country, and make Indonesia a better place to live in.                               

  • Sylvia Anward
    Sylvia Anward Insights & Analytics   Mapan since 2014

    I am one of those people who join Mapan for the mission to increase dignity, access and income for the low income through technology. The reason why I’m still at Mapan is because I can see that it manages to maintain its mission over the years.

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Mapan is a home for problem solvers and dynamic thinkers who are dedicated to solving real problems in the community.


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